057 - 5 ways to develop a positive mindset

Having a positive money mindset is everything in business, check out my 5 ways to develop a great one!

Here's the list of books that I mention in the episode to help with developing a positive money mindset:

You are a badass at making money - Jen Sincero great humour - lots of great exercises

Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill  This is a classic and can be a little tough going - this is probably my most re-read book - mindset is throughout it - brilliant classic business book - a must read!

The Science of getting rich - Wallace D Wattles Another classic but content is timeless

The Soul of Money - Lynne Twist (just have to say here that the narrator of the book I found to be very irritating(!!!) however the content is brilliant, so bear with it!

Money - Rob Moore - A great on to pick up and read in small bursts!

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