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It’s OK to change your mind.


It’s OK to change direction.


It’s OK to change your business.


You’re changing, your life changes, the world changes - your business needs to change with it.


Even if it’s doing rather well.


Even if right now, everything’s just as you envisioned it.


Even if you haven’t yet reached the success you dreamed of.


I worked really hard to build a successful career, then jacked it all in to set up my own photography business. Years later, that got the boot too, so I could do something else that suited my life better.


Now I help women take stock of their life, skills and experience right now, envisage the business (and lifestyle) they want in the near future, and implement an action plan to get them from here to there.

OK, grab a coffee, time for an edited tour of my backstory

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left college, but I knew eventually I’d have my own business…in something!


So, I studied in London (& danced, drank, played volleyball, partied etc) at university and got a BA Hons in Business Studies and a CIM Diploma in Marketing and funded this with  multiple summer jobs and work placements (including the launch marketing team of the Renault Clio and auditing for the City council).


Fresh out of university, I got a job selling advertising space for a magazine publisher (which killed my marketing ego at the time BUT was the making of me as I learnt how to sell a quality product to an audience that wanted what I was selling…so no feeling icky!!!)


I progressed from advertising sales exec to publisher (that’s the boss job of the mag) in just under 7 years.


These were such great times AND taught me sooooo much about business from sales and marketing to PR, publishing great content, turning a profit, and how to bring in multiple revenue streams.  I LOVED it


In 2002 I moved to Dubai and launched a further 3 magazines there (including F1 Racing Magazine…now that was fun!). 


While still living in Dubai, I left the corporate world, studied for a Diploma in Coaching and then decided to turn my photography hobby (since 12) into a photography business.


And then I immediately became pregnant (lol perfect timing huh!). Whilst Lauren was a baby, I grew my little photography business (it was so much fun, we had a beautiful market stall on the Dubai Marina) and I also wrote a small column in a local magazine about being a new mum in an expat world and living in Dubai.


In 2006 we returned to the UK, to the Midlands, where my husband, Craig, is from…I knew no-one!  Jack was born, and went and got a ‘proper’ job back in Media, running an outdoor and onsite advertising media sales team for a large exhibition venue company in the UK.


It was short lived to be honest - an amazing experience but I’d already had a taste of working for myself and employment no longer suited me.


Back to the photography business.


In 2008 I set up my second photography business, running a successful studio full time in lovely Sutton Coldfield. I learned about running a business, being a mum and everything else in between.


I lived a lifetime of business experience in that one venture. I built my own websites, hired village halls to hold studio sessions, held maternity and boudoir shoots, photographed weddings, offered lifestyle photography with families, ran workshops and trained budding photographers. I occupied several premises over this time, lost money ordering props and frames from companies that went bust, employed freelance photographers that went wrong.


It was one of the BEST experiences and adventures of my life. I LOVED it all especially the photography, marketing and business side and I was GOOD at it.


To cut a long story short, I burnt out, became ill with a virus and it knocked me off my feet, very poorly and had to take a great deal of time off…my business of course suffered. 


I wanted a business that I could run on my own time terms and that didn’t need me in it ALL the time.


I closed the studio, some thought it was madness, phased out my location photography over the following year, dipped into my savings and took some time out. I reconnected with life and got everything back into perspective. I’m getting really good at that at this stage!

I took stock of who I was, what I wanted and what I had to offer.


I needed a new purpose, to have a new impact on the world, to value myself in a different way and to make money in a new way, that felt more fulfilling and that was scaleable and had no upper limits!


I dusted off my coaching diploma, carried on coaching a few photographers, and realised that my talents, expertise and knowledge could be used to help the owners of other types of business - which is what I’ve been doing for more than 4 years.


Throw in a TEDx Talk and boom I proved I could get over my fear of visibility and get my message out to the world


That was a long story, but I needed to share it with you so you can see how often I’ve successfully changed direction.


If your business is successful but you’re no longer in love with it - you do NOT have to keep plodding along with it.


If your business hasn’t yet reached the success you dreamed of - you do NOT have to keep plugging away at it.


I’d love to help you take stock of who you are and what you’re capable of, and help you imagine what’s possible, dream big and tap into your fullest potential.

And the “nice to know” bits…

On the right, those are my babies.


They are such a motivation for me, especially right now. 


I want to be that shining example of showing them it is possible to be there for your family AND run and develop an online business.


To be honest they are totally into the online world and see that it is totally accessible to anyone with a great idea and a willingness to be visible!


So I’m a mum to a pair of teens, a wife of a fab hubby, a dog mum to Bella (you’ll see more of her later) and all that is involved in that…football, drama, hobbies and the endless places to be!  I live in beautiful Staffordshire in the UK and I truly LOVE the life I have created.


Do you love the life you have created? Or are you ready to make some changes? Get in touch and let’s get you started

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