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Fantastic results some of my Wise Women have achieved!


Meet Karen Wilding

Karen has achieved an incredible amount since April 2020. She lost her business overnight when the COVID Pandemic hit...but she decided to look at what she could do, re-directed her business and has now achieved over £100k since then! 

Here are a few words from Karen and if you want to hear more about her incredible journey check out Episode 37 on my podcast! 

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I have been working with Sara for 3 months now and with her training and support in her mentor programme I have created an online course, learnt how to market it, and sold it - all in 12 weeks!!
I have learnt so much in this time about course creation and creating an online business, as well as a lot about myself!
Sara is really knowledgeable and the group is full of support, motivation and some amazing individuals. I am now in a position to build a solid online business - I would not have been able to do this without Sara’s support.
In the middle of the 2020 global pandemic, I feel so lucky to have found Sara, as this has enabled me to stabilise my income and grow it, all during difficult times.

Jenny Adamson, Equine Vet Physiotherapist


Meet Liz Mearns

Liz started off wanting to create an online business and NOW has re-designing her whole business to be online. 
She has launched two profitable programmes but is now focusing on her signature programme
Here are a few words from Liz and if you want to hear more about her incredible journey check out Episode 59 on my podcast! 

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Sara's programme has been a life-changing experience for me personally. My desire was to learn how to create a course from scratch as I am a trainer and coach and wanted to put my ideas somewhere and not lose them. What actually happened has superseded this massively and as a result of Sara's course, I have been able to put my ideas into action and create a business around health and wellness, ready to launch in Jan 2021. Working with Sara who is full of ideas AND knowledge has enabled me to film and script my own videos with voiceovers, create ebooks and handouts for my coaching course which looks beautiful because of the professional graphics her course taught me to use!

I managed to create a full-length coaching course and my own website where I can host my courses, videos, blogs, podcasts and coaching calls...Sara does miracles!

She is also authentic, honest, intelligent, funny and caring and has technical knowledge I didn't know existed, which comes in very useful. Above this Sara has taken me down a path of self-discovery, of healing and of finding who I really am and now I'm finally ready to give that to others. She's also taught me the life-changing skills that the "learning is in the doing" to "take action" and to be unapologetically me!

Enjoy working with Sara, she will transform you and your business!

Lucy Metcalf - Life, fitness and performance coach

Meet Lucy Davies

Lucy has moved from corporate marketing consultancy work to creating her own online business, complete with a scalable online course AND she has now recently soft-launched her membership! Very much set up now to scale.

Hear her full story on on the podcast soon!


Meet Jacqui Shankly

Jacqui is a Play Therapist and has now created a couple of online courses, programmes and ran a very successful campaign to help more parents learn how to support their children.

Subscribe to the podcast as Jacqui is coming on soon and shares how she successfully secured National Lottery Funding to help her create a much-needed online programme.

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